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Home Automation systems give you centralized control of lighting, AC, windows, home entertainment, security systems and other appliances. Smart Home Automation delivers luxury, comfort, convenience, entertainment, security, safety and energy savings.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting control is the beauty of any home automation system.

Home Theater

Home Theater is a great way to surpass the movie theatre experience at home.

Multi-room A/V

The convenience of having the music and video you want, where you want it.

AC Automation

Home automation provides you with a unique way to control your air conditioner.

High Performance Audio

Broad range of the best audio components for enjoying the music you love

Energy Management

Save Big on Utility bills. Energy management is at the heart of our home automation controls.

CCTV/IP Cameras

High performance CCTV cameras for for security and remote video surveillance.

Access Control Systems

Offer a reliable way to harden access to your facility using a person’s unique biological features

Southland Smart Home

Southland Smart Home wants to make your life simpler and safer. We live in an era where technology is advancing faster than most people can keep up with. Making your home smarter with automation is already becoming a standard feature in today’s modern home. And much like the smart phone revolution, we are currently in the midst of a Smart Home revolution. Soon, nearly every device in your home will be connected and working together. And you too will forget what it was like before your home got smart.

Our goal is to provide professional consulting, installation, and customer service. Transitioning to a new technology can sometimes be frustrating or intimidating. Southland Smart Home is here to walk you through this process. We want to simplify your life so you can focus on what matters to you most!

Southland Smart Home

We blend creative, strategic planning with expert knowledge to tackle the toughest challenges for businesses. Today’s businesses need the right blend of people and technology to attain and accelerate growth.

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